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Further updates to the WebTuna Map Screen

We hope that you liked our revamp of the geomap, which we launched about 3 weeks ago.  Here’s a preview of further changes which should be released in the next...

Keeping intranet home pages lean

At WebTuna we monitor a lot of intranets for customers, many of which are built using Microsoft SharePoint.

New and Improved WebTuna Map Screen

Today we released an updated Map screen with new functionality. We think you will love it. It has a cleaner style and you can now filter what is displayed on...

Ymonitor synthetic monitoring integrates with WebTuna

At WebTuna we always love to integrate our solution with others as it adds value to customers. Recently we worked with the Dutch company Ymor, whose Ymonitor service gives customers...

WebTuna Response Time Scatter Analysis

Do you want a quick pictorial overview of how your site is performing? The WebTuna Response Time Scatter Analysis report lets you see your site response time distributions over time.

WebTuna Comparison Report

If you have ever struggled with evaluating the impact that a change to your website has made, was performance improved, or has it degraded, then look no further.