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Ymonitor synthetic monitoring integrates with WebTuna

Ymonitor synthetic monitoring integrates with WebTuna

At WebTuna we always love to integrate our solution with others as it adds value to customers. Recently we worked with the Dutch company Ymor, whose Ymonitor service gives customers visibility into the performance and availability of their applications. By adding WebTuna data into their dashboards, their customers are able to see both the performance for their real users, as well as synthetic user journeys, which continuously test uptime and the performance of their applications.

About Ymor

The team at Ymor in Utrecht (Netherlands) has a lot in common with Application Performance Ltd (UK). Like us, they are an independent specialist in IT Operations Analytics and provide products and specialised services to help customers with end-user experience and application performance. Their team help companies to validate, monitor and troubleshoot applications, working towards preventive IT management. They use a combination of their own solutions and solutions from partners such as Evolven and Nexthink

About Ymonitor

With Ymonitor, you measure the availability and performance of your IT environment from the end-user’s perspective. The actions of an end-user, such as open, login, search, order and logout, are scripted and played back from various locations and continuously measured. This enables finding performance trends, domain isolation and anomalies. Unlike other synthetic monitoring solutions that only test web pages and often only from the cloud, Ymonitor can cope with any kind of application. This includes Web, Mobile, Windows fat clients and more. It is offered as a managed service so no scripting by customers is required. It is also designed to run on-premises to test application firewalls as well as things out on the internet.

How the integration works

Ymonitor has the ability not only to run synthetic transactions to replay a user journey against an application or website, but it can run any script or code to pull metric data from pretty much anything. Working with the Ymor team, they were quickly able to create scripts which brought back WebTuna data from its REST API so that the RUM data could be viewed along with its own data.

Here is a simple example of WebTuna data inside Ymonitor. The next step is to work with some joint customers to build dashboards which cover their different use cases.