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Further updates to the WebTuna Map Screen

Further updates to the WebTuna Map Screen

We hope that you liked our revamp of the geomap, which we launched about 3 weeks ago.  Here’s a preview of further changes which should be released in the next couple of weeks.

We have had some really positive feedback following the launch of the new Map screen, described here, which gave:

  • Visually cleaner look and feel.
  • New filter panel.
  • New tabs for Apdex, Hits and Users.
  • More information in the tooltips.

What’s coming?

We have now taken the opportunity to further enhance the Map screen with:

1. Zoom control / reposition

Each level of map now incorporates a zoom control using the Plus / Minus buttons or Scroll wheel actions, along with two-finger pinch actions on a touch-pad. As a consequence the displayed map area can be dragged to reposition to the appropriate part.

2. Sub-country locations

We have added a further level of drill-down – so you can click within a country, from the continent (or world view), and get a view of locations within that country, and usage at those locations. Note that we use a database of locations, so  the information is aggregated to the closest ‘known’ location.

As in the version launched a few weeks ago, we provide performance and usage information at each of the sub-country locations,  via the tooltip, which gives:

  • Number of Page Views
  • Page Load Time
  • Number of Unique Users and
  • Apdex score

A given location is coloured according to the measure in question, be it apdex, hits, or users.

Here you can see a drill-down into the South East corner of the UK, showing the various ‘active’ locations:

Let us know your feedback

We hope that you will like the latest changes, and we hope to release them in the next couple of weeks. As always, if you do notice any bugs or have any feedback, please get in touch, we read and reply to every message.