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WebTuna 3.8 Release

WebTuna 3.8 Release

We’re delighted to bring you an update on enhancements to WebTuna which were released yesterday.

3.8 October 2016

  • We have renamed and added to the top menu items:
    • Dashboard has been renamed Map
    • Performance has been renamed Activity
    • A new Dashboard (Beta) item has been added – see below
  • As per the notice given in May 2016, webtuna.js versions 1 & 2 are no longer supported, and have been removed. Any references to these will generate 404 errors.
  • A new Dashboarding system has been introduced, initially in Beta.  At this first release, there are 2 pre-built dashboards, consisting of a number of ‘widgets’ (for example the Apdex widget).  Currently, if you would like a new widget, or a new dashboard layout then we need to construct this. In time the number of widgets will increase and the dashboards will become user-configurable, so you will be able to display both ‘system’ and user dashboards, the latter being ‘built’ and owned by each individual user.
  • The new Dashboarding system introduces a much improved and more flexible filtering system. It also brings in an alternative ‘Date/Time’ selector, and we would appreciate knowing your preference.  **We welcome any feedback on any aspect of this dashboarding system – please do get in touch.
  • We have included support for the ‘WebTuna Proxy Collector’. This provides the mechanism to capture private IP addresses for those customers who are using Webtuna from internal locations, e.g. branch offices, and use a common internet proxy for outbound (i.e. to WebTuna) traffic. Selected customers are trialling this currently. If this may be of interest then please do get in touch. In order to provide this functionality, you will be required to run a small on-premise virtual machine to collect the internal IP address, and forward that on to the existing WebTuna SaaS service.

As in most of our releases, a number of minor bug fixes have also been implemented

For further information on any of the changes, please contact us on