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New Conversion Funnel Reporting

New Conversion Funnel Reporting

We are are pleased to announce that WebTuna now has conversion funnel reporting. This new report is available to all customers and lets you track the number of sessions that got all the way through a sequence of pages to the target page.

What is a conversion?

A conversion (or converted session) is defined as a session which reaches the target page. This is generally some kind of “thank-you page” after someone has done what you would like them to do. There are many different types of conversion depending on what your site is trying to achieve. The most obvious would be making a sale if you are an e-commerce site but there are many other kinds of conversion.

Some examples of marketing or sales conversions:

  • Checkout complete
  • Insurance quote
  • Mortage or loan application
  • Subscribe to a service
  • Make a donation
  • Submit form
  • Register for an event
  • Download a brochure or whitepaper
  • Register for a software trial

Below is an example of a 5 step funnel. You can see that 1% of the sessions that hit the starting page made their way to the target conversion page. The report not only shows the number of sessions that reached each of the steps in the journey but also the performance of those pages. The average actual page load time is overlaid on the bar and the bar is coloured red or green depending on whether it exceeded the target page load time you defined for your site.

Matching multiple pages for a single step

In the case where there are multiple pages that users could land on for a particular step, and you want to include all of those, then you can either wildcard using % to pattern match based on the URL or use a comma separated list.

For example, if there are 3 landing pages that someone could use to start the journey then you might comma separate those as /landing1,/landing2,/landing3. However if you wanted to match on any product details page where there could be thousands of them then you would use a wildcard match such as /product-details/%

“WebTuna gives organisations an edge, capturing near real-time performance information for all users. Although A/B functional testing is (usually) done, there is often little focus on performance. With this new report in WebTuna It is possible to show the business that performance is important too, with its easy to interpret correlation between performance and conversion rates.” Rolf van Anholt - Ymor

You can find the Conversion Funnel in the Reports  section. If you need any help with this new feature please get in touch. Or if you are new to WebTuna, please signup for a 15 day free trial.